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Resident Materials

Account Walkthrough | ClickPay

This detailed, one-page guide will show residents how to get set up with ClickPay in a few easy steps. This guide should be used when directing residents to the ClickPay portal and not through Connect.

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Account Walkthrough | Connect & ClickPay

This detailed, two-page guide will show residents how to register with the Connect resident portal and access payments through the ClickPay single-sign-on. This guide should be used only when directing residents to Connect first.

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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document will provide answers to resident’s most common questions starting with how to register and add a unit to payment options and settlement times.

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Statement Insert

This document can be included with statements or distributed door-to-door, as a direct mailer, or in the main office to walk-ins. This document provides detailed instructions on how to register for those that may not have an email address on file.

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Coupon Insert

This document can be included with coupons that go out annually. Include this as a page within the coupon book as an introduction to new residents and a reminder to existing residents of the easy way to pay online.

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Welcome Insert

The welcome insert should accompany each new welcome packet distributed to incoming residents as a way to introduce the preferred payment options available.

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Flyers should be printed and posted in any high-traffic or communal areas around each of your properties. Areas can include the management office, mail areas, recreational areas, front gates, drop boxes, etc.

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Rack Card

Print and present these rack cards as a takeaway in the main office as a great way to remind residents of the convenient online payment options available to them.

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Associate Resources

Invitation Wizard

Whether a walk-in to the management office or a move-in during the leasing process, the Invitation Wizard gives ClickPay administrators the ability to set up tenant or resident accounts as well as scheduled payments while providing one-click access in just a matter of seconds.

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Adoption Reporting

Curious to know how your portfolio or property is performing as it pertains to electronic payment adoption? Download this guide on how to calculate your product adoption through your ClickPay admin account.

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