ClickPay Leasing

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Leasing, Reimagined

Combining fully customizable lease applications with ClickPay’s leading payment platform, ClickPay Leasing accelerates closings and tracks tenant payments from application through lease renewal.


Build leasing and screening applications tailored to your business requirements.


Execute leases faster with fully electronic agreements and SMS push notifications.

A Familiar Face

Integrated into’s ClickPay’s leading platform, collect all types of fees for application by charge type.

How much time ClickPay can save you?
I have 2,500 applications

Time Savers

  • Automate leasing end-to-end
  • Offer the ability for prospects to apply 24/7
  • Qualify renters with tailored criteria
  • Streamline multiple lease management
  • Singular payment processor through the resident lifecycle
  • Edit agreements online at any time
  • Enable electronic signatures
  • Reuse custom templates

42 hrs

Per Month

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Leasing Offices as Mobile as Your Prospects

Prospects easily apply on the go with a simple mobile-first experience. Mobile applications translate to quicker conversion and improve tenant occupancy rates while providing prospects with a great first impression.

Applicant Benefits

  • Simple

    Intuitive design walks prospects through the application.

  • Flexible

    Start now. Finish later. Applicants sign electronically and pay fees.

  • Communicative

    Prospects receive SMS/texts and emails to alert them to complete applications and status updates.

  • Centralized

    One registration allows prospects to pay leasing fees and all tenant expenses from move in through move out.

Dashboards & Details

View and manage leases holistically and individually as applicants move through the stages from prospect through paying tenant.


Manage Application Volume


View Lease Details


Track Status

ClickPay Leasing is Feature Rich

Every step of ClickPay Leasing is replete with customizable and efficient tools to streamline workflow.

Build Custom Application

Edit Applications in Real Time

Execute with Electronic Signature

Add Unique Code to Your Website

Text Messaging to Incent Completion

Receive Applicant Fees

Control the Background Process

Manage Multiple Agreements

Reuse Templates


Electronify Leasing End-to-End

Why bounce between online and offline portions of the Leasing process? Impress your prospective tenants with a fully electronic application while creating efficiencies.

Send Applications Electronically

Email and SMS/Text the unique URL to prospective tenants with a canned or custom message.

Track the Application Online

Generate custom applications and gain transparency into the process workflow through e-signature.

Collect All Types of Fees

Integrated into both the workflow and your system of record, ClickPay’s payment platform collects application, screening and move-in fees with ease!

Edit Applications Anytime

Did a prospect negotiate a term or want to sign a mutiple year lease last minute? No problem – just edit inline online!

Electronify Leasing Today!

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