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100% of Homeowner Payments. 0% burden for your staff.

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Now More Than Ever, it’s
Time to Rethink Association Management

The leading HOA payment platform is the modern solution for today’s dynamic market challenges. ClickPay allows you to collect all payments remotely—including checks—to remove the burden from staff while offering a homeowner call center and custom-branded adoption marketing assets

Your Trusted Payment Consultants

ClickPay is the only complete platform for all association billing and payments, founded on premier service.

Revenue Faster

Gain same-day ledger visibility with check image and reporting tools for business insights.

Staff Productivity

Tokenizes and encrypts Homeowner banking information. Reduces error-prone manual effort.


Route check collection off-site and encourage residents to adopt remote, electronic forms of payment.

Payment Workflows

Consolidate all payments types in one centralized dashboard and replace dispersed, manual systems of collection by payment type.

Call Center

Homeowners call, chat, and email our bilingual English/Spanish call center to gain assistance setting up autopay or answering payment inquiries.

Electronic Payment Adoption Specialist

Leverage marketing specialists and custom-branded communications for change management to drive electronic payments.

Auto-Debit Program

Eliminate the insecure process of creating, maintaining and manually sending monthly NACHA files to the bank while gaining the highest level of payment security!

Security & Compliance

Upgrade the insecure method of saving bank account information on unencrypted files to a program with bank-grade security and encryption.

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Replace the monthly task of uploading NACHA files with an automated auto-debit program.


Migrate NACHA file management to ClickPay for automated debits and easily set up new users with our Invitation Wizard.

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Electronic Payments

Let homeowners make a payment anytime, anywhere, any way, & view all payments in one centralized location!

Custom-Branded Portal

Custom-branded online & mobile landing page with options for homeowners to securely pay via ACH, credit & debit cards. Homeowners can pay for any line item charge or full balance due.

Flexible to Individual Business Rules

Tailor the ClickPay platform to business requirements to ensure easy collections that enhance receivables workflows.

Secure & Compliant

PCI, SSAE, and Trustwave—ClickPay‘s maintains the highest level of security and compliance, complemented by advanced data protection and redundancies.

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Bank Bill Pay

ClickPay‘s proprietary Bank Bill Pay solution solves for payments made on bank websites, removing the need for staff to process the hardest checks to associate with Homeowners.

Accelerate Bank Checks By Up to a Week!

Payments submitted on bank websites drop to check and arrive at the management office a week later. ClickPay electronically sweeps those payments for next day funding.

Don’t Change a Thing!

Homeowners continue to pay on bank websites, but ClickPay adds clients to its Biller Network to instead sweep ACH payments into the association’s bank account overnight.

Faster Funding = Fewer Late Payments

Homeowners initiate bank website payments on the first of the month, but Associations receive the checks a week later, initiating late fees and unhappy homeowners. Bank Bill Pay solves for the delay!

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The solution to drive 100% paperless Association offices. ClickPay operates the only Real Estate specific lockbox and remote deposit solution dedicated to the needs of Associations.

Consolidated Lockboxes

Maintain a single Post Office Box for homeowner check payments, regardless of number of properties, banks, or property management systems, saving money on multiple Post Office boxes

Manage Exceptions Effortlessly

Since ClickPay has the billing file, all payments are researched, associated, and processed. If Associations instead desire to review the exceptions, a simple web form allows for accepting or rejecting.

Enable a Virtual Office

Mailing checks to a professional facility to manage payments helps Associations achieve a paperless payment office while still offering residents expanded payment options through the channels most convenient for them.

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