Times Square Billboards Announce ClickPay as New York’s #1 Way to Pay

ClickPay Transforms the Largest Multifamily Market with Rent, Condo, and Coop Payments for New Yorkers.

ClickPay, the fastest growing provider of SaaS-based payment and billing solutions for the property management industry in the U.S., launched new ads across multiple digital billboards throughout Times Square. The ads promote how ClickPay simplifies payments for property managers and encourages tenants to invite their landlord to accept payments with ClickPay. The launch of the ads was timed with NYC largest real estate show, BuildingsNY at the Javitz Center. Ads are running on four digital billboards from 42nd street to 49th street in Time Square, including a 130 foot x 17 foot billboard and a 22 foot by 34 foot board.

“ClickPay is currently processing billions of dollars in rent and condo dues payments for thousands of properties across the country, but NYC is where our company was born and raised” said Tom Kiernan, CEO ClickPay. “With our industry leading technology and hard work we have become the #1 player in NY and it also happens to be the largest market for multifamily by a country mile. The Times Square digital billboards are a great way for us to continue to get the word out to millions of people everyday and invite property managers and their residents to allow us to simplify the payment process with ClickPay.”

The Times Square billboards are seen by over 3 million eyeballs a day in one of the world’s most iconic locations for exposing leading global brands reaching New Yorkers as well as people from all over the country.


About ClickPay

The complete platform for real estate billing and payments.
As the industry-leading platform for automating real estate receivables, ClickPay accepts all payment methods, including paper checks, e-checks (ACH), cash, and credit & debit cards. ClickPay delivers integrated print and e-bill presentment and payment services to increase operational efficiencies and enable profitable growth. Shaping the future of real estate billing and payments with innovative products and services, ClickPay provides property management companies with customizable solutions to connect with their tenants, residents, and homeowners. To learn more, go to https://www.clickpay.com.