Spotlight: Customer Service

ClickPay‘s Customer Service department is continually finding ways to innovate and remain at the forefront of technology trends that provide value to our internal team and external clients. We’re proud to announce the launch of AI and machine learning tools that drive instant responses via chat and email. “Chat is our most efficient channel for service and our focus is on providing residents with easy and frictionless options to resolve inquiries quickly,” stated Tim Kyse, Vice President of Customer Service.


Answer Finder: Answer Finder is an AI self-service tool that residents and tenants can take advantage of after they have submitted a support ticket via email. Answer Bot provides relevant articles on how to solve a particular problem without the need for an agent interaction. If an article provides the customer with a satisfactory answer, then the customer can click a button that alerts ClickPay’s team that he / she found an answer and no additional service is needed.

Smart Search: The Smart Search web widget allows residents and tenants to better self-serve their inquiry through direct access into specific locations of our help center. Through custom labeling and tagging of articles, and back-end machine learning, relevant articles are populated based upon the customer’s keyword search. If the articles do not satisfactorily assist the customer, he / she is strategically guided to live chat or email support.

Coming soon:

Live User Experience Guides: We are exploring new digital adoption tools that provide customers with 24-7 self-service support and can be customized based upon different rule sets. These guides act like a “GPS” that simplifies the user experience and drives users through every step of their ClickPay interaction without needing help from a human for support.

Chatbot: Chatbot works within our Live Chat product that allows users to self-serve their issues before a chat needs to reach a live human. The chatbot has a large Artificial intelligence (AI) component and combines machine learning to drive answers directly to the end user with the intention of quickly solving their problem.

We’re excited to offer these tools that support our mission of creating solutions that optimize interactions between residents and property managers along with providing incredibly helpful and responsive service to support our technology. Our goal is to embrace new technologies with automated processes that allow us to deliver quicker and accurate solutions to our customers.

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