Integration Between TOPS [ONE] and ClickPay Provides Clients with Simplified Resident Payment Collection Experience

TOPS Software and ClickPay, industry leaders in the Condo, Homeowners Association, and CO-OP management industry, recently formalized a partnership for system integration between the TOPS [ONE] accounting platform and the ClickPay payment and billing platform.
The integration will allow mutual clients to collect payments in both electronic and paper check form, and will centralize all resident ledger activity within TOPS [ONE] in near-real time for a more robust client experience. Community residents benefit from paying securely and efficiently through all payment channels.

Clients will be able to collect all forms of payment including ACH, credit/debit cards, bank bill payments, and checks on a unified platform. Additionally, clients will be able to view miscellaneous charges and provide line-item charges for resident display, as well as collect payments for amenities and rentals electronically on-site via the ClickPay platform. All transactions sync to TOPS ledgers automatically via the TOPS Connect API. Clients will benefit from next-day funding as a result.

Tom Kiernan, CEO of ClickPay, sees a transformative outcome from this integration. “This partnership and enhanced integration will provide property managers a process that removes all the friction with accepting and processing payments. There are no more files to post and the data between our two platforms syncs securely and reliably over the cloud.”

“TOPS [ONE] is the system of record for the modern management company. By integrating with companies like ClickPay, we are able to provide clients with a robust and intuitive experience,” said Mike Hardy, President and CEO of TOPS Software. “This gives management companies the ability to focus on serving their communities, instead of being bogged down by day-to-day minutia.”

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