ClickPay Acquires RE Lockbox to Create a Single Comprehensive Solution for Property Managers

NEW YORK, NY — ClickPay, provider of SaaS-based payment and billing solutions for the property management industry, has announced its acquisition of RE Lockbox Services to support ClickPay’s commitment to simplify and consolidate all payment methods into a single comprehensive solution for property managers.

Company’s staff and resources are now expanded, supporting the fast-paced growth while keeping its core focus on customer service, product innovation, and technical support. The acquisition will further support ClickPay’s commitment to simplify and consolidate all payment methods into a single comprehensive solution for property managers.

Jim Woods, former Managing Director of RE will now lead ClickPay’s lockbox division as Vice President, Lockbox and Remote Deposit Services. Jim stated “Our teams have always shared the same deep service commitment to our customers which is what made this joining of forces so successful right from the beginning. The team and I are excited to officially join ClickPay to support and fuel the incredibly rapid growth we have both experienced.”

ClickPay has built a robust, reliable and highly scalable solution to address high volume requirements of property owners and managers and support the future growth of the business. The ClickPay solution creates operational efficiency and reduction in costs for property managers by simplifying and consolidating all payment methods into a single comprehensive solution. These payment methods include online ACH, credit card, online bill payments, and paper checks.

ClickPay’s President, Steven Van Praagh, says, “The two teams had a large portion of resources shared across many areas of the operation already, making the transition simple. Our customers continue to demand tight integration of data and reporting, processes and procedures, and customer service so it was time for us to constitute a change that benefitted our clients as well as both organizations. A win, win, win in the classical sense.”

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