Back­ Office Efficiency for Residential 3rd Party Property Managers: Efficiency as You Grow

Every new client you work with will bring a new set of unique challenges with embedded inefficiencies such as financial controls, communication needs and physical maintenance. To maintain the property better than the last firm, you’ll need to learn how to be efficient as you continue to add new clients to your property.

Here are a few tips to keep your back office more efficient as you grow.

Financial Controls

ClickPay will help both you and your residents take control of finances by making payment and payment management more efficient and simple. ClickPay allows you to integrate paper‐based and electronic payment data to simplify and make your receivable cycle for real estate portfolios more efficient. Residents can pay for security deposits, applications, fitness clubs, parking garages and rent with all different forms of payment and in seconds online.

ClickPay offers residents and property managers the benefits of electronic payments, lockbox services, check scanning, electronic billing and bill printing to make collecting payments and making payments easier.


Efficient and fast communication is vital for any successful business and there are many ways you can streamline communication between you and your residents. Set up an instant messaging system so that residents can easily communicate with you in a quick manner.

Communication with residents becomes easier and more efficient because ClickPay allows you to see real‐time reports and updates 24/7 including transaction summaries, payment history, bank deposit records and reconciliation management.

With a secure online billing and payment portal, you reduce the security risks associated with manual processing and ensure accurate accounting, meaning you will reduce the amount of communication pertaining to billing and payment errors. It’s important to keep records of all of your communication with residents and online filing systems and reminders can be a great way to manage your communication and ensure you are maintaining a healthy line of communication with all of your residents.

Physical Maintenance

To have healthy back office efficiency when managing a property, you must be able to efficiently handle the physical maintenance aspect of management. You can improve the maintenance process between tenant requests and scheduling the repairs by using an online request form that automatically sends a notification to your email every time a resident requests maintenance and will implement the maintenance into a virtual calendar.

This will allow you to manage all of the physical maintenance requests in a timely manner and stay in contact with your residents to keep them updated on their maintenance requests. The last thing you want is for your residents to complain that they have submitted maintenance requests that have gotten lost or have never been addressed or fixed – make things simpler by using technology to manage physical maintenance requests.

Maintaining an efficient back office will help you grow and take on more residents. By integrating and streamlining your communication, physical maintenance requests and financial controls by using online technology, you can encourage efficient growth and keep your residents happy.