Adding Real Estate Technology to Your Portfolio?

Thinking of layering in new technology to your real estate portfolio such as an online concierge, maintenance ticketing system, communication system or online or automated payments? One of the most efficient and beneficial technologies you can adopt is an online billing and payment system like ClickPay.

Here are a few things you should consider before implementing this new technology and why you should consider eliminating using paper in your payment processes.

The Many Ways it Will Benefit You and Your Residents

ClickPay integrates paper‐based and electronic payment information to simplify and make the receivables cycle for real estate portfolios more efficient. As the property manager, you can accept payments from a multitude of channels including credit cards, ACH, remote scan deposit and paper check lockbox. You don’t have to change your bank, your process, your people or your existing software – ClickPay integrates directly with most accounting systems.

Your residents can easily pay their bills and you can avoid the hassle of collecting bills. Your residents won’t waste time writing out checks for rent and mailing them or bringing them in – they can pay their bill online in seconds and have a record instantly, while you can scan and convert your resident’s check and money orders into electronic transactions.

With ClickPay, you can see your residents’ payments in real‐time and cut out trips to the bank every month, while integrating with your current accounting software.

Easier Communication

By consolidating your accounts receivable into one single platform with ClickPay, you are helping your business become more efficient. ClickPay is a comprehensive solution that allows your residents to receive their bills and pay using all different payment methods. These electronic payments add many ways to communicate with residents, which ensures that there is minimal interaction with the management company itself.

ClickPay will ensure that any issues concerning payments or billing are resolved on the first opportunity. ClickPay handles all communications with residents including the goals and branding for your company. Communication is more efficient and simply easier with ClickPay.

ClickPay is Better for the Environment

Your residents will be able to view and pay all of their bills without ever handwriting a word. They can pay their rent, common charge or HOA fees in seconds with the option to pay by e‐check from the checking or savings account or with their debit or credit card.

Regardless of how big your properties are, ClickPay allows you to eliminate the flow of paper checks through its software that can “read” your tenant information.

You can also give your residents the option to opt‐in to receive, view and track their monthly payments, decreasing the amount of paper bills you print every month and reducing your company’s carbon footprint!

Technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of how businesses function and how business is done. Implementing ClickPay into your real estate portfolio will make yours and your residents’ lives easier when it comes to making payments and managing payments.