2022 Q3 Release July 25, 2022

ClickPay’s third release of 2022 features resident registration improvement, alert modifications for our backend support and data teams, changes to roles, and OLB search results. We are also continuing our focus of constant improvement to the integrations of our various software partners. This release also includes enhancements to the process between ClickPay and MoneyGram, Propertyware and Jenark.

Management Admin – Read Only
The Management Admin – Read Only role will allow our PMC partners to grant their associates system access to view AR data but not have the ability to make any changes to unit or resident information. This profile is ideal for team members who may need resident payment data but do not need any additional system rights in the ClickPay system.

API Integration Improvements
We continue to improve our connection to our Moneygram partner to enhance our cash payment product.
This upgrade will allow our representatives to troubleshoot issues faster when there are data discrepancies, which will lead to cash payments service items being solved faster.

Returned Transaction Improvements
The ClickPay return emails are being improved to provide better search functionality for our PMC partners.
A singular goal for ClickPay is always to make information clearer and more consistent across our reporting, and this item is another step towards that goal.

Online Banking Improvements
As we continue to expand our HOA footprint, we need to be able to provide our association partners with the ability to easily place OLB payments between primary operating accounts and special assessment DDAs.
Our OLB decision queue will now display the Association and Site names, and AR team members will be able to move payments easily in between the options where applicable. Our support team will be able to walk through these changes with any of our PMC partners.

Unit Search Improvements
The Unit Search Improvement updates will allow the ClickPay Administrator to review recent add unit requests within a screen that is powered by automated matching and search capabilities. Subsequently, ClickPay will be able to efficiently resolve issues for residents unable to add their unit to an existing ClickPay profile.
As we continue to expand and enhance our system, ease of use is still at the core of the user experience. These updates will continue our endeavor to make the ClickPay system as user friendly as possible.

Remit Plus Role Improvements
The new ClickPay Remit only role will allow our PMC partners to provide their associates with access only to our check decisioning and check scanning portals.

We have found many of our partners’ associates only require access to information regarding check processing, and this allows a streamlined log in, and removes any additional right/permissions in ClickPay’s main system

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