2022 Q2 Release May 24, 2022

ClickPay’s second release of 2022 features resident registration improvements and alert modifications for our backend support and data teams. We are also continuing our focus of constant improvement to the integrations of our various software partners. This release included enhancements to the process between ClickPay and Yardi, VMS, and Vantaca.

Unit/Home Registration Improvement for Residents
ClickPay is dedicated to making the registration and payment process simpler and more efficient for our residents and homeowners. We have released an advanced last name search and reporting apparatus that will make adding a unit to a ClickPay profile easier for many of our residents, especially those in the commercial space. In addition to the search technology, we are also presenting a new tool with which residents can easily enter a support request directly from the search field.

The new search and support communication functionality will reduce the number of residents unable to add their unit to a ClickPay profile and streamline support interactions when additional help is still needed. We will continue to build on these developments in the coming months and strive to enrich the ClickPay user experience for our payers!

ClickPay Alert Reporting Updates
To address API and file discrepancies more quickly, ClickPay has established a more efficient alert log for internal teams to address necessary items. This development will increase response time to critical data items and result in clearer communication with our PMC and software partners, which in turn will lead to superior user interaction for residents and client admins.

VMS Integration Improvements
ClickPay and VMS continue to build upon a successful relationship with these updates to allow residents and owners to pay for sub-accounts more easily on the ClickPay system. This increased ease of use will encourage new usage of the ClickPay/VMS portals and provide our PMCs utilizing this integration a more clearly defined reconciliation process.

Yardi Adjustment Reporting
ClickPay has improved our ability to report check adjustments directly into the Yardi ledger of the payer. Although a somewhat infrequent service item, a check adjustment can nonetheless cause confusion for the payer and AR teams alike. This new enhancement will eliminate the need for Yardi client partners to reach out to ClickPay support for additional details.

Vantaca Export Improvement
ClickPay will now be able to offer additional payment date reporting to certain Vantaca client partners in the daily transaction export. These clients will be able to continue reconciling on the date of deposit but will now have additional visibility to an owner’s payment date as well. We continue to build upon our successful Vantaca integration for our HOA clients and bank partners!

About ClickPay
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