2022 Q1 Release March 21, 2022

ClickPay’s first release of 2022 features website design and UX enhancements, improved reporting features, and user interface enhancements for our HOA clients. The main improvements highlighted in our first release this year include ClickPay new HOA-specific screens, resident-facing cash payments improvements, and return reporting enhancements.

Cash Payments Enhancements – Now even easier for Residents

ClickPay has been lauded for its user-friendly Cash Payments feature powered by MoneyGram. Within the ClickPay User Portal, residents can visit the Cash Payments screen to find their nearest Moneygram location and view/print their Cash Payments ticket information on a desktop, tablet, or phone. ClickPay recently enhanced these pages to provide greater clarity on the nearest location(s) and payee data, as well as to assist your residents with FAQs and shortcuts to ClickPay Support.

Reporting Improvements – Payment History

To simplify research for returns, refunds, and chargebacks, ClickPay has added embedded links to the transaction details screen to allow your A/R team to easily access the original transaction. With one click, your team can now navigate between the original transaction and the subsequent reversal to ensure accurate reporting and reconciliation. This will be available for the following adjustment transactions:

  • Refund
  • Return
  • Return of refund
  • Chargeback
  • Win chargeback
  • LBX adjustment

HOA-Specific Messaging

The ClickPay HOA community has grown larger than ever and with this expansion, new messaging and verbiage on our internal pages have become critical to providing a more comfortable experience for our homeowners. We have enacted a fully customized HOA custom view mode that can be implemented across all resident-facing and internal admin pages. Ask your Account Manager if you think this might be right for you and your residents.

Invitation Wizard Improvements

Invitation Wizard helps ClickPay clients easily create accounts for new residents, simplifying enrollment and increasing autopay rates across a portfolio. The Invitation Wizard users are now able to add new properties to existing user profiles. Additionally, it allows the creation of accounts for users who do not have a valid email address. If you would like to learn more about the Invitation Wizard tool, please let us know!

About ClickPay

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