2021 Release One March 16, 2021

New API Integration – Rent Manager

ClickPay built an API integration with Rent Manager Property Management Software. This enhances our current file-based integration by eliminating the need to manually generate Rent Rolls reports and import daily receipt files.

This new integration enables ClickPay to send and receive data through Rent Manager’s “API Access”. Once established, ClickPay can automatically:

  • Pull all tenant data relevant for payment processing including property information, tenant names, addresses, balances, itemized charges/credits, etc..
  • Send receipts and returns to be posted to tenant ledgers—eliminating the manual download of files from ClickPay. This will create efficiencies on both sides of the integration.
  • Display the itemized breakdown of open charges/credits to each tenant, instead of only displaying the overall balance, thus increasing data visibility and digestibility.

If you are interested in learning more about the new API integration with Rent Manager, please contact sales@clickpay.com for more info.

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