2020 Release Two April 23, 2020

ClickPay’s second release of 2020 centers around new enhancements and features that streamline access and data delivery to better support our clients and partners. The main improvements presented in our second release this year include enhancements to: Single Sign On, Third-Party APIs, servicing banking customers, and ClickPay’s expansion of Canadian market services.

API Upgrades and Expansion of Third-Party Services 

Internal Tools – ClickPay is increasing the utilization of APIs to communicate with third-party partners and software. To support clients looking for self-service tools, Management Admins and Management Super Admins now have access to the API Integration Log to view XMLs received from and sent to their software.

Service Expansion – ClickPay continues to provide the go-to back-end solution for our large PMC applications (mobile friendly). We are constantly increasing our API reach and capabilities to service our large clients’ application development needs. Our services now connect in a variety of ways, supporting a seamless user experience with the ClickPay interface.

SSO Login Enhancements

Resident portals are expanding aggressively across the market. ClickPay’s demand for third-party SSO is greater than ever. In conjunction with the growing demand, we have evolved our user experience to provide a more seamless mobile-first authentication process.

ClickPay built a new mobile-first verification page to simplify the login and improve the user experience. ClickPay also enhanced tools surrounding event tracking and communication through iFrame and event windows.

New Features to Support Bank Partners and Large HOA Managers: LLC Grouping

ClickPay’s services and tools for large HOA managers and banking partners are constantly expanding. This focus on evolution is why ClickPay continues to be the provider of choice for the HOA industry.

ClickPay’s new LLC Grouping tool supports management companies with multiple regions and disparate property groupings as well as large conglomerates serving multiple PMCs. LLC Grouping benefits bank partners by supporting Management Admins on a group level, allowing them to access their properties simultaneously without being exposed to other clients’ properties.

Communication Log Improvements – Digital Re-Delivery

In these times of increasing digital delivery, ClickPay is continuing to enhance product offerings for receipts and digital communications. We understand that digital re-delivery is not always easy. To simplify the process, ClickPay has provided our support team with improved tools to increase email visibility and accessibility to view, download and redistribute. This feature enables emails to be re-sent and distributed with less effort.

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