2020 Release Three September 10, 2020

ClickPay’s third release of 2020 was packed with new improvements. The sprint focused on our HOA, Multifamily and Commercial clients, including API enhancements designed to better serve our MRI Commercial clients. The main enhancements highlighted in our third release this year include: API improvements, role permissions enhancements, User Interface improvements, and the creation of new testing features.

MRI Commercial API Enhancements

To support MRI Commercial clients’ unique posting requirements for daily batch management, ClickPay added the ability to adjust the timing and frequency of daily batch closures to simplify and improve automated batch posting. This new tool ensures that batches have been posted successfully and minimizes API rejection errors associated with AutoClose delays.

ClickPay also enhanced the flexibility of posting batch descriptions via API to improve visibility across payment methods and dates within MRI. This is designed to simplify A/R’s understanding and visibility, while minimizing the work required to identify each batch.


User Interface Improvements

 ClickPay enhanced the layout of the PayNow screen to improve the user experience for non-integrated clients and residents with no outstanding balance. The screen now displays an editable field when the balance equals zero ($0.00) to create flexibility for the payee to enter the desired payment amount.

New Testing Features

ClickPay’s Implementation team is always improving client service.  With the development of new testing features, clients can further expand their testing and demonstration capabilities for our clients prior to “go live”.

To support more efficient implementations and enhanced testing ability across environments and databases, ClickPay implemented a “Create Test Transactions” functionality to enable batch test payments across all payment method types in QA environments.

This tool is utilized in QA Sandbox and RFQA specifically for creating test transactions for receipt files and reporting in the system.

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