2020 Release Four September 15, 2020

ClickPay’s fourth release of 2020 focuses on new and improved integrations that enhance the ClickPay user experience for your residents. The primary improvements highlighted in our fourth release include enhanced help and learning features, integration improvements with American Express, AMSI, and RealPage Billing, and new dynamic late fee management and notification tools.

Enhanced Help and Learning Features

ClickPay expanded the WalkMe integration to cover all ClickPay pages, including client administration pages. This will simplify the on-boarding and learning of the system for your team and staff by providing easy access to dynamic help screens, videos, tutorials and walk-throughs within ClickPay’s website.

New and Improved ClickPay Integrations

  • Enhanced American Express Integration: American Express is one of ClickPay’s strong partners. We are always working together to improve our relationship and enhance safety for our clients. We recently completed an API integration to provide increased customer security.
  • AMSI Integration Improvements: ClickPay created new API calls to enhance the real-time integration and provide automated batch management tools to our AMSI customers. These new tools will simplify daily batch closure and visibility.
  • Enhanced RealPage Billing Integration: RealPage’s Order Management System is now integrated with ClickPay. For our clients who are using many of RealPage’s great products, this integration will centralize and aggregate your invoices. This includes Leasing Through Living products like ActiveBuilding, On-Site and ClickPay. Qualifying clients and LLCs will receive an OMS ID to be linked to invoices.

Dynamic Late Fee Management and Notification Tools

To support our HOA clients, ClickPay created the ability to define late fee settings on a per property basis and communicate a tailored message to residents.

Companies can elect to notify users of late fee dates when residents setup their AutoPay. This new feature will improve the resident experience, decrease disputes, and increase on-time payments!

About ClickPay

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