2020 Release Five December 11, 2020

ClickPay’s fifth and final release of 2020 features website design usability and UX enhancements as well as expanded API enhancements for our HOA clients. The main improvements spotlighted in our fifth release this year include: ClickPay homepage design enhancements, AutoPay functionality expansion, VMS API integration improvements and Commercial payments improvements. 

ClickPay HomePage Design Enhancements

To enhance the prospect, client, and customer experience, ClickPay redesigned the ClickPay website homepage. This improved design features a new menu bar with a simple login experience. We also added an Association Mangers section to support banks and the HOA industry.

AutoPay Functionality Expansion

As the largest HOA provider in the nation, ClickPay understands the many different payment intervals for HOA dues and assessments. To provide added flexibility and convenience to our customers, Homeowners can now set up semi-annual AutoPayments.

ClickPay added the ability for a user to setup “semi-annual” AutoPay in LLC/Association AutoPay frequency settings. Dates are pre-selected based on the billing dates established by the Associations so that resident AutoPay is properly structured to avoid accidental delinquency. This improvement is available to all payees but will especially benefit our HOA clients who most often pay Association fees and dues semi-annually.

VMS API Integration Improvements

ClickPay is expanding our integration with VMS through a number of API related integration improvements. In 2021 we will be offering integrated check images, Single Sign On (SSO) through the VMS portal, and much more.

If you use VMS and are looking to integrate with ClickPay, please reach out to our sales team for more information.

Commercial Payments Improvements

ClickPay continues to expand our Commercial product offerings and feature sets in response to customer input and requests.

This month, we released two new improvements for supporting payments by charge code that are available to all of our Commercial clients. The first improvement is enhanced credit handling, and the second is support for open pre-payments. ClickPay added support for pre-payments to the generic pre-payment income category code set within client management software in case no charges exist. This will allow tenants to pre-pay rent and other items in cases where charges have not been dropped, or non-ledger items need to be paid in advance.

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