2019 Release Three June 21, 2019

ClickPay’s third release of 2019 includes the launch of the initial phase of our new user interface, improvements to our integrations with ActiveBuilding and On-Site, and software integration enhancements.

ActiveBuilding Integration Updates

ClickPay continues to strengthen its integration with the ActiveBuilding resident portal in the third release by enhancing its SSO capabilities. ClickPay and ActiveBuilding now share a real-time integration whereby user accounts are created immediately upon initial login to ActiveBuilding. This improvement creates a seamless registration experience for residents and enables residents to immediately submit payments through ClickPay within the ActiveBuilding resident portal.

User Interface Enhancements

ClickPay got a facelift with a new, modern user interface! To continually deliver a great payment experience and improve the look and feel of ClickPay’s suite of products, ClickPay is rolling out an enhanced user interface. The new user interface will unify the resident experience across ClickPay’s product offerings, which will make it easier for residents to navigate throughout the platform. The portal’s modern aesthetic enhances the payment experience but – don’t worry – everything is still located in the same place.

This release marked the initial phase of the rollout. The final phase of the rollout will be coming soon!

On-Site Integration Enhancements

ClickPay introduced new refund and void options to strengthen the On-Site integration. These new options enable refunds and voids to be issued directly from within the On-Site platform. Self-service refund and void initiations eliminate delays and support resident satisfaction with real-time assistance.

MRI RM Integration Improvements

Residents continually move in and out of units, but they may still owe an outstanding balance after they vacated the unit. In the latest improvement to our MRI RM API integration, ClickPay introduced the ability to accept payments and support accounts for past residents. With this update, residents with outstanding balances can now make their payments through their existing ClickPay accounts. Extending payment services to past residents provides easy and convenient payment management to both the payee and the property management company.

Canadian UI Updates

As ClickPay expands the presence of its payment platform in Canada, the functionality for Canadian users is continually enhanced. In the third release, ClickPay introduced several updates to the terms and conditions requirements, including instructions on how to pay via MEBP (Merchant Electronic Bill Pay) or Online Bill Pay if a user chooses to decline sharing their data with a U.S.-based company.

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