2019 Release Six December 10, 2019

ClickPay’s sixth release of 2019 centers around client usability software enhancements to simplify and improve the ClickPay experience. Main improvements relate to WalkMe Live Chat, Receipt Warehouse functionality, Lockbox History Reporting, Financial Reporting, and RealPage API Integration enhancements.

New Receipt Warehouse Functionality – Major New York Improvement 

In response to client requests, ClickPay released a new Receipt Warehouse functionality designed expressly for New York clients. This functionality is compliant with the recent changes to the New York rent regulations. Within Financial Reports > Payment History, all receipts can now be resent via email for online and offline transactions including Lockbox and Money Order transactions. Offline Lockbox, Money Order, and cash receipts can also be accessed within a user’s account, providing both proactive and retroactive receipt access for all residents, stored securely within their ClickPay accounts.

Please stay tuned for webinars regarding training, education, and Q&As as we launch this new service.

WalkMe Live Chat and Future Expansions

To simplify administrative information access, ClickPay launched a WalkMe Live Chat feature to streamline the user assistance process.

ClickPay looks to continue to expand its WalkMe integration by providing additional helpful links and educational walkthroughs within the administrative interface.

Financial Reporting and Lockbox History Reporting Enhancements

To simplify accessibility to financial reports, ClickPay created an additional search field labeled, “Transaction ID”, which supports clients whose software limits the length of transaction identifiers reported and who leverage “Transaction ID” over “Confirmation Number”.

ClickPay also created an “Additional Columns Control” dropdown under search criteria for a more seamless user experience. “Email” and “Transaction ID” fields were also added for easy sorting and exporting.

Administrative Improvements

To enhance user visibility, ClickPay implemented “Created by” and “Updated by” features under Admin Registration. ClickPay also enhanced security by updating Two Factor Authentication to display on the user’s main screen. Simple setup for Two Factor Authentication can now be found under “My Profile”.

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