2018 Release Five October 22, 2018

ClickPay’s fifth release of 2018 is a testament to our commitment of offering the most feature-rich and client-centric platform in the real estate payment industry. While preparing for our expansion to Canada, the ClickPay team has remained steadfast in our pursuit of revolutionizing how U.S.-based Property Managers and Owners process receivables and optimize operations.


Bringing the most loved real estate receivables solution to Canada

The Great White North! Just 370 miles away from ClickPay’s headquarters in New Jersey, this real estate geography is significantly different than the states. For starters, we’ve learned Canadians refer to their apartments as ‘stratas’. They have alphanumeric ‘postal’ codes. Canadian dollars (CAD) and cents are separated by a comma, not a decimal. Also, Canadians don’t accept paper ‘checks’ but ‘cheques’, which include an institution number in addition to the routing and account numbers – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “Each of these variations, along with a dozen others, have to be accounted for in ClickPay’s Canadian environments; attention to detail is the only way to guarantee a positive user experience,” states ClickPay’s CIO, Aaron Sheklin.

In addition to navigating and acclimating to Canadian nomenclature, ClickPay’s tech teams are devoted to implementing the highest security safeguards, system compliance, and available intrusion prevention measures. The new English- and French-translating platform is slated to be released in December 2018.

To learn more about ClickPay’s Canadian platform, schedule a demo by clicking here.


Enhanced MRI Software API Functionalities

ClickPay and MRI Software continue to work closely to provide deep functionality and tight integrations for quality data exchanges.

MRI RM API Functionality: The MRI and ClickPay API integration now supports the ‘No Checks Receipt Field’ as a parameter to restrict occupants from making payments by check. If this status is applied to an occupant, they will be blocked from submitting all payment methods except for cash or money orders. This functionality is now available to all clients that utilize the mri_s-pmrm_residentialrentroll API call.

MRI CM API Functionality: ClickPay now has the flexibility to use different APIs when integrating receipts into MRI based on utilized payment methods. With this enhancement, clients can choose which payment methods apply using the logic that’s built into the MRI_S-PMCM_TenantPayments and MRI_S-PMCM_TenantPaymentsLockBox API endpoints.

The posting differences between the two API endpoints are:

  • TenantPayments: This endpoint is primarily used for clients who want their tenants to select exactly which charges they wish to pay. ClickPay will pass the corresponding Charge IDs and Income Categories in the receipt batch.
  • TenantPaymentsLockBox: This endpoint is primarily used for clients that do not desire their tenants to select exactly which charges they wish to pay. The payment will post based on whatever rules the client may have set up for traditional lockbox file receipt.|

To update the integration receipt parameters for your properties, please contact your Client Success Manager or support@clickpay.com.


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