The ClickPay Team

Collectively, the ClickPay team has more than a century of experience across the real estate, payments and technology sectors. Our experts leverage their in-depth knowledge of operations, technology and security, as well as their passion for customer service, to create efficiencies within your accounts receivables process.

Ernest MullerExecutive Chairman

We have built a company that is rewriting the future of real estate management through software innovation with a strong focus on our customers' needs and desires. Our team has the skills and experience that will dream up, build, maintain and secure the platform needed to bring bill presentment and payments into the future digital world.

Ernest has a distinguished entrepreneurial track record, founding numerous successful companies and funding multiple ventures. As a serial entrepreneur, he has proven techniques to create value in companies seeking strategic alliances and expansion capital to grow their business. He has successfully participated in a wide variety of industries including electronics, consumer products, healthcare and telecom manufacturing sectors. Ernest is the managing director and co-founder of Fairbanks fund, a New York private equity group.

Tom KiernanChief Executive Officer

Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Tom has two decades of experience founding and leading internet businesses with a focus on ecommerce, banking, and the payment industry. He was a member of the executive management team that built Organic Inc. from its infancy to a $6 Billion, IPO in 2001.
Throughout his career, Tom was the founder or partner in several successful technology companies including, Foundry9, and Arena Media Networks. He lead the development of American Express' first website and at Organic and Foundry9 he and his team lead digital strategy and development efforts for numerous top 100 e-tailers (e.g., banks (e.g. Chase), and payment processors (e.g. Paymentech).
He is a father of 3 boys, competitive triathlete and has competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championship.

Rachael MethalChief Financial Officer

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do.

Rachael is an inspirational and hands-on executive who tackles issues and opportunities from the ground up – a big-picture leader and a go-to doer who insists on detailed perspective before judgment. Rachael possesses a broad spectrum of experience with an extensive background in finance, technology management, organizational design, operational leadership and real estate. Her strengths include strategy creation, execution, and a dynamic style that promotes the importance of a shared vision: ultimate success in achieving goals depends on integrated teams’ defining value, setting vision, and working together.

Isaac MullerTreasurer

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Isaac Muller is a serial entrepreneur with strong financial control experience, innovation through SaaS technologies, and an innovator when solving complex business problems.

Isaac founded The Incorporator® in 2003, after managing state corporate filing services at a NYC based law firm. Mr. Muller architected a proprietary software that streamlined the filing process. In 2008, Mr. Muller founded Vcorp Services with the idea of merging cutting edge technology, premium client service and his legal products expertise.

Through his initiative and vision, Mr. Muller co-founded NovelPay and helped launch its online real estate payment portal. In 2013 NovelPay merged with ClickPay and expanded its suite of services.

Mr. Muller sits on several boards including a not-for-profit foundation with a focus on building communities. Originally from NYC, Mr. Muller resides in a Rockland County, NY suburb community with his wife of 10 years and four children.

Gennady GreizmanCTO

With a great team, like ours, problems are simply challenges with results becoming great solutions for our clients.

Gennady is a serial entrepreneur, with a background in computer science, international business, database, and vast experience managing large software development teams and deployments.
Gennady has a unique ability to achieve high levels of success in rapid development in a very fast paced environment.
His international experience and world travels bring new perspectives that enlighten, educate and help his team execute seemingly daunting tasks.

Aaron SheklinExecutive Vice President and CIO

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Aaron is a creative visionary with a significant experience in the financial and technology industries specific to the real estate sector. As a co-founder of NovelPay, Aaron has built a strong and trusted reputation as a real estate financial software provider. Aaron has demonstrated his ability to adapt and transform efficiently amidst ever-changing developments to banking and processing regulations.
Aaron is a conscientious problem solver with proven focused on the long term goals of business. Aaron has successfully led a development team and managed diverse technology with an eye towards the future.
Aaron's diverse background includes a Juris Doctor degree and he remains member in good standing of the New York and Florida Bar Associations.