Lockbox Technician

Hackensack, NJ

The position of Lockbox Technician is responsible for Lockbox payment processing in a high volume, back office environment. The Lockbox Technician logs and tracks all lockbox mail; sorts, opens, and verifies outgoing mail.

You will be responsible for performing various clerical duties, quality control, research, answer questions or inquiries for internal and external customers related to their lockbox accounts; perform data entry balancing and reject / re-entry using specialized software on an image display workstation; provide assistance with a variety of operational duties as assigned.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Open envelopes and extract contents of mail orders.
  • Person will be expected to spend 6 to 8 hours per day for our peak rent cycle (approximately 10-12 days per month).
  • Organize, arrange, and position checks using pre-established guidelines.
  • Person will be sitting at this machine for extended periods of time.
  • Meet or exceed department productivity standards on a consistent basis.
  • Perform a variety of routine clerical and mailroom duties as necessary.

Job Requirements

  • Effective communication skills, ability to follow direction and work in a fast-paced production numbers driven environment.
  • Dependable, no attendance issues, ability to be at work when scheduled.
  • It is critical that the person operating the opener be organized and be able to maintain the batch integrity of their opened mail.
  • Previous experience with an Opex 51 Rapid Mail Extractor machine is preferred but not required.
  • Person must have a strong attention to detail and be able to work quickly with their hands.


  • $13/hour working a schedule of 10-12 business days between the 28th of the previous month and the 15th of the next month.

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